Thursday, October 9, 2008

Working for an airline

My mom works for Air Canada, and working for an airline has its rewards. My mom is thinking about taking advantage of her benefits and flying to China for 5 days. When she told me this I thought who in the right mind who take advantages of her passes to fly to china, because there was so many other places I personally would rather go. Then she told me she’s thinking about flying there to go Christmas shopping to get mine and my sister’s presents, its way cheaper over there. I still think that’s weird, but hey my Christmas presents will be totally different from everyone else. My question to you is if you where working for an airline, where would you go, if you could travel anywhere?

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moviesRme007 said...

Wow, free tickets, I would go in Australia perhaps, during the winter, because when its cold here, its hot there :p. Gifts are always fun, no mather where they are from :p. Good post.