Monday, December 22, 2008


Can you tell Christmas is this week? The malls are pack, families stressing about family dinners, everyone wrapping presents and anxiously waiting to open them, little ones counting down how many sleeps still Santa comes, no school for 2 weeks, and it’s just overall a CRAZY time of year. I’m not that excited about Christmas yet it hasn’t quiet hit me, I’m not sure why it’s always fun to celebrate Christmas, you get to see family, eat a lot, you get presents, drink hot chocolate and eggnog. I think Christmas has lost its true meaning, it’s become all about presents and the Christmas spirit but what about the born of the Christ, not to many people celebrate that anymore, and that’s the real meaning of Christmas. I understand not everyone believes I just think a lot of people are loosing track of the real meaning of Christmas.

I do wish my classmates a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Yesterday (Tuesday 16th) I spend the day with the SR hockey team. It was a good day, kept you on your feet. I was taking pictures for the yearbook and I got a couple really good shots, I was really proud of. Once again this year our school hockey team is really good, had a rough start at the beginning but I believe it’s because we were up WAY to early! They lost there first game 2-1 to Saint-Famille (Mississauga), after they beat Jean-Vanier (Welland) and got disqualified with 5 minutes to go, in the bronze metal game against Pain Court (Chatham). Wont give you details about that, if you are really curious about knowing what happen talk to one of the hockey team players. Overall Lynx we were pretty proud of you guys! Good luck against the teachers Friday.

(Didn’t realize this was saved as a draft instead of posted, oupps!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


EW! Do they really call that snow!? It’s more like slush, with a soft coat of snow on top. Last night I had to go shovel this elder ladies driveway, she’s had 3 bypass heart surgeries and she’s very old. I went over yesterday after school and it wasn’t even snow, it was slush; it was heavy and a pain in the butt to do. This guy I didn’t even know came over and helped me with the heavy stuff, and I didn’t ask him, he was nice. Well I guess I’m happy we’ll probably have a white Christmas but I don’t like snow, I don’t like winter. It’s cold and depressing. I love winter sports though like skiing, skating, watching hockey etc.. I hope we will have more snow then slush this winter.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Paris Hilton

Yesterday after school I was watching the finale to the show Paris Hilton my new BFF. Paris Hilton is known world wide and makes headline news almost daily from parties to hottest clubs to weekend getaways, and shopping sprees. She has her own CD, she has her own fashion line, and she’ll never need to work a day in her life.

She’s had many friends and faux-friends, now she is on MTV searching for her new BFF. There where 18 contestants going into this and only one will be Paris new BFF. Every week she tested there loyalty, friendship, also cheeks the background, talked to old friends, etc… As any other TV show there were a lot of surprises along the way. December second Paris Hilton finished her show, with her new BFF Brittney by her side. Brittney found out she was Paris best friend, by arriving at a masquerade party where Paris unmasked her new best friend and invited her in her life, there new life together.

When I first heard about this show I laughed so hard but every week I would watch it with my sister. It was just a matter of time before a show like this would come out, you have the bachelor and bachelorette, a shot a love, dating game shows, why not one to find your best friend. Personally I don’t think I would ever be able to go on a show like that for love or friendship or anything, I think some times in your life are only meant for you and your partner, or friends. I respect and feel bad for people that post there life on TV, it’s not I would want but that’s me.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where do you do your Christmas shopping?

Well my mom is leaving today for Beijing for 5 days. Why you may ask? Well my aunt, grandma and my mom decided to do there Christmas shopping in Beijing this year. There are really excited to go, they’ve been planning this for a couple months now. Its really cheep there, to give you an idea one Canadian dollar is equal to 5.4 china Yuan Renminbi (Chinese money). At first I thought the whole going to china for my Christmas presents kind of weird but the more I think about it the more I find it kind of cool, ill be getting some stuff completely different then my friends.

1.00 CAD = 5.46607 CNY
Canada Dollars China Yuan Renminbi

I don’t like shopping in mall when it comes close to Christmas time, the lines are too long, the malls and stores are packed and everyone is rushing. It’s crazy, I love buying gifts and like receiving them but I think it’s a hassle.

High school Musical : Senior Year

I went to see high school musical 3 not to long ago and I was really impressed it was 1000 times better then I thought it would be. I’m a really big High School Musical fan, I love there movies, story lines and the music. The first one I was obsessed with it, I couldn’t watch enough of it until the second came out. I have to say the second wasn’t my less favourite of the three it wasn’t what I thought it would be but there is always one movie out of a series that you like the less. Then there is High School Musical 3: Senior Year, I was really scared I wouldn’t like it and I would be disappointed with it but on the contrary I loved it. It was like our story as seniors in high school, there are decisions to be made, prom to think about, confused with what there future will hold, being scared and all the motions and feelings seniors tend to have in there last year in high school. It was entertaining to watch, and it made me realize how real this year is, I was very touched by it and it made me think about life after high school.

As a senior I can relate to this because there is a lot of pressure about grades, what you’re going to do next year, and 100 questions about what will happen. Are you still going to have the same friendships with your friends? What’s going to happen with me and my boyfriend? You tend to ask yourself a lot of questions and worry about things that only time can answer them. I can say I’m very nervous about graduating high school, I like it here I found my way, I’m doing good and I found myself here, now I’m going to be sent off to College and start all over. I don’t want that, I don’t want to have to start over.

What are your thoughts about life after high school and your senior year?