Wednesday, December 10, 2008


EW! Do they really call that snow!? It’s more like slush, with a soft coat of snow on top. Last night I had to go shovel this elder ladies driveway, she’s had 3 bypass heart surgeries and she’s very old. I went over yesterday after school and it wasn’t even snow, it was slush; it was heavy and a pain in the butt to do. This guy I didn’t even know came over and helped me with the heavy stuff, and I didn’t ask him, he was nice. Well I guess I’m happy we’ll probably have a white Christmas but I don’t like snow, I don’t like winter. It’s cold and depressing. I love winter sports though like skiing, skating, watching hockey etc.. I hope we will have more snow then slush this winter.

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Primee133 said...

Yeah.. my mom made me shovel the driveway not too long ago. One of our fiberglass shovels broke. You know, those ridiculous ergonomic ones with the bend in the middle to supposedly improve your posture or some BS like that. Snapped right at that bend due to the snow's weight. Personally, I like snow, but only if it doesn't look like crap, and if it's not freezing cold out. If there's anything I hate, it's freezing cold, windy weather, with barely any snow around. This, is also the reason I hate fall.