Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Yesterday (Tuesday 16th) I spend the day with the SR hockey team. It was a good day, kept you on your feet. I was taking pictures for the yearbook and I got a couple really good shots, I was really proud of. Once again this year our school hockey team is really good, had a rough start at the beginning but I believe it’s because we were up WAY to early! They lost there first game 2-1 to Saint-Famille (Mississauga), after they beat Jean-Vanier (Welland) and got disqualified with 5 minutes to go, in the bronze metal game against Pain Court (Chatham). Wont give you details about that, if you are really curious about knowing what happen talk to one of the hockey team players. Overall Lynx we were pretty proud of you guys! Good luck against the teachers Friday.

(Didn’t realize this was saved as a draft instead of posted, oupps!)

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