Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Terry Fox

Canadian greatest hero of the 20th century Terrance Stanley Fox and is now an inspiration to everyone. Celebrated internationally every September with the Terry Fox Run, witch is also the largest one day a year fundraiser. He was a Canadian humanitarian, athlete, and cancer treatment activist. He became famous with the marathon of hope, cost to cost run across Canada to raise money for cancer research, and running with a prosthetic leg. He past away June 28 1981, after developing pneumonia and went in a coma.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday night .

When something tragic happens everyone’s in panic, running around, crying, holding each other, calling 9-1-1, helping the victim. Me I ended up trying to keep my uncles 9 year old son (Ben) away from the scene. Last night was supposed to be a great night, dinner at my grandparents with family and friends. Everything was going well until after dinner when my uncle Dan tried lighting up the bonfire but to everyone’s surprise the fire lit up on him, and he’s now burnt from the waist up. His nine year old son saw the whole thing right in from of his eyes. Ben ran to the bunkhouse where all the teens where hanging out, he comes in yelling and screaming with tears running down his face “dads on fire, dads on fire” at first I was like c’mon Ben stop being a drama queen but as we looked out the window we saw 3 bonfires. I immediately grab him and held him in my arms telling him its ok, everything’s going to be okay, Dan’s going to be ok, as the teens all ran down to the fire. What are you suppose to tell a nine year old who just saw there dad catch fire? Nothing. Nothing you can say chance what he saw. I finally managed to calm him down but now what?

I’m feeling so numb like I know the reality of last night and I know what happen but why aren’t I feeling anything? What happens next? Why did it happen? Is my uncle Dan going to be ok?

No blog will make the justice of last night, no one will understand what my family went threw last night and is going to go threw the next couple months. There’s so much I want to say but I can bring myself to say it. I still don’t want to believe last night actually happened. I guess I’m still in denial.
I ask you to keep my uncle and family in your prayers, because at this point its just a waiting game.

Advice for Sara David

Our English teacher M.David just had a baby girl. She’s now about a week old and she’s as cute as it gets. He asked us a couple questions on what we would say to his daughter. The questions asked what advice you would give to my daughter base on your life experiences. What have you learned through your life that my daughter should know? What are the secrets to a happy life? What should she definitely do?

Honestly Sara at this point I think I would just tell you to live your life to the fullest, never give up on dreams and hopes and stay out of trouble. I’ve learned a lot throughout my life seventeen years, something’s you learn the hard way and get hurt, but think about this if you never get hurt you’ll never learn or know what its like to feel that pain of hurting. I don’t think anyone could tell you this enough but be true to yourself don’t try and be someone your not because in the end you’re the one that going to feel that void that your not being true to yourself and your values. The secrets to a happy life, do things you love to do, excel in them, don’t be scared of people judgement and approval because not everyone is going to approve on everything you do. Do NOT be afraid to say no to things that scare you or things you don’t want to do (within reason). You should definitely travel, get involved in your school and community, play sports and do the arts and cultural stuff too. But for right now since your just a baby, let your parents sleep at night, we need our favourite English teacher to be awake when he teaches us.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The results are in!

September 17th the SCG cross country team went to Port Hope for there first track meet. The course wasn’t easy and no one knew what to expect, massive killer hill, uneven paths, completive athletes, injuries, pucking but what we can say is we all ran for ourselves not anyone else. It’s the first time in Garnier history that we actually have a SR boys running team. They had 6 guys running, Gab A-L, Brad M, Nick D, Jonathan C, Adrian M. I'm guessing running isn't as popular for SR girls because we were only 2 of us, Amélie A-L and myself but she’s in 11th grade. Now we know what to expect and we can only go up from here. I saw on some girls t-shirt, puke in September, kick butt in November and that’s exactly what we are going to do.

Results first meet:

Natalie: 141
Gab A-L: 261 (injury)
Brad M: 138
Jonathan C: 155
Nick D: 185
Adrian M: 137

Monday, September 15, 2008

Events for the week

It’s the tired week of school and things are starting to move. For SCG`s cross country team, they have there first meet of the season on Wednesday September 17 in Port Hope at Trinity College. Some of our 12th grade students that are running, for the guys Gab A-L, Adrian M, Brad M, Nick D, Jonathan C and girls well the list is short it involves one person witch happens to be me. We wish them the best of luck. Also the fitness class is organizing a Terry Fox walk originally for Thursday September 18th, in honor of Terry Fox, but this walk got moved to next week Friday September 26th. There organizing this in goal to raise money for cancer, so bring in some money, every little bit helps. Alright that’s it for now, ill let you know how these two events go later. Later!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


What do you think about our new schedule? Personally I think our new schedule are very inconvenient, 25 bells during the day, different schedules, different lunches, and the way classes are done. I don’t like how I don’t see my friends during lunch because I have the odd lunch out. I’m so confused about how thing are done, the schedule don’t make scene to the orientation, our teachers, and even the secretaries are still really confused! I like the way things where done last year, why couldn’t they stay the same. That’s all I have to say on this subject, what’s yours?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Picture Day!

Today was Garnier’s picture day, there are a lot of unanswered questions I’m going to try and answer for all of you. The most popular question was when’s the retakes? Well Life Touch is going to come back to school October 29th, for anyone who would like to retake their pictures or didn’t take their pictures for the yearbook and/or student ID card. Next question what happens if I didn’t bring in my form with the money today? Well you have 2 options, your first option is to call Life Touch and try and make arrangements over the phone and if that doesn’t work your second option is to bring in your form and money on the 29th as I mentioned earlier, the retakes. Anyhow, everyone looked great today, hope you all smiled!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Senior Year!

This is our senior year at SCG and most of us if not all of us are pretty excited to get the year on the road so we can graduate. Most of us have grown up together since JK or SK and if not we all meet up in 7th grade here at SCG. Some friends have come and gone but most of us have stuck it out till the end. We just another typical high school with classes, test, exams, friends, sports, detentions, teachers we don't like, teachers we do like, people we cant stand but the one thing we have that's different is our french language. There are some disadvantages being in a small french school, our population is 535 students, since we've all grown up together everyone knows everything about everyone, the funny stuff, embarrassing stuff, gossip, and if something happens during the day guarantee you will hear about it by the end of the day. There are some advantages being in a french school, we're bilingual and our school board offers an extracurricular student comity called AESD that in May organizes a big activity event day for everyone in our 8 high schools, it also offers tournaments, leadership camps and a change for you to find your identity as a Franco Ontarian. So everyone SR year is on its way lets get the year going.