Monday, September 22, 2008

Advice for Sara David

Our English teacher M.David just had a baby girl. She’s now about a week old and she’s as cute as it gets. He asked us a couple questions on what we would say to his daughter. The questions asked what advice you would give to my daughter base on your life experiences. What have you learned through your life that my daughter should know? What are the secrets to a happy life? What should she definitely do?

Honestly Sara at this point I think I would just tell you to live your life to the fullest, never give up on dreams and hopes and stay out of trouble. I’ve learned a lot throughout my life seventeen years, something’s you learn the hard way and get hurt, but think about this if you never get hurt you’ll never learn or know what its like to feel that pain of hurting. I don’t think anyone could tell you this enough but be true to yourself don’t try and be someone your not because in the end you’re the one that going to feel that void that your not being true to yourself and your values. The secrets to a happy life, do things you love to do, excel in them, don’t be scared of people judgement and approval because not everyone is going to approve on everything you do. Do NOT be afraid to say no to things that scare you or things you don’t want to do (within reason). You should definitely travel, get involved in your school and community, play sports and do the arts and cultural stuff too. But for right now since your just a baby, let your parents sleep at night, we need our favourite English teacher to be awake when he teaches us.

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moviesRme007 said...

I like what you wrote! It shows that you've put much thought in the subject. Nice pictures too! I also think like you that it's good to implicate yourself in many activities, which helps you to get to know potential friends!