Monday, September 8, 2008

Senior Year!

This is our senior year at SCG and most of us if not all of us are pretty excited to get the year on the road so we can graduate. Most of us have grown up together since JK or SK and if not we all meet up in 7th grade here at SCG. Some friends have come and gone but most of us have stuck it out till the end. We just another typical high school with classes, test, exams, friends, sports, detentions, teachers we don't like, teachers we do like, people we cant stand but the one thing we have that's different is our french language. There are some disadvantages being in a small french school, our population is 535 students, since we've all grown up together everyone knows everything about everyone, the funny stuff, embarrassing stuff, gossip, and if something happens during the day guarantee you will hear about it by the end of the day. There are some advantages being in a french school, we're bilingual and our school board offers an extracurricular student comity called AESD that in May organizes a big activity event day for everyone in our 8 high schools, it also offers tournaments, leadership camps and a change for you to find your identity as a Franco Ontarian. So everyone SR year is on its way lets get the year going.


M. David said...

Good first blog! Keep it up!

moviesRme007 said...

Hi there, I like the fact that you talked about the advantages and disavantages of being a small school! I still miss a lot of people that left us last year like Tiffany and Frederique. I like that you made your blog on our school! Good Job!

ChloƩ said...

Really good blog, Natalie!
I'm very excited for our last school year to end, it'll be so wierd though, everyone goes their seperate ways once they get to college/university and it'll be very hard to keep in touch, but it's for the best in some ways. If you're really really close with one of your friends then they will stay close. I know when I'm older,I'm going to want to love to go back to highschool because they're supposed to be the best days of your life, so it's important for you to do well.
Sweet blog!