Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday night .

When something tragic happens everyone’s in panic, running around, crying, holding each other, calling 9-1-1, helping the victim. Me I ended up trying to keep my uncles 9 year old son (Ben) away from the scene. Last night was supposed to be a great night, dinner at my grandparents with family and friends. Everything was going well until after dinner when my uncle Dan tried lighting up the bonfire but to everyone’s surprise the fire lit up on him, and he’s now burnt from the waist up. His nine year old son saw the whole thing right in from of his eyes. Ben ran to the bunkhouse where all the teens where hanging out, he comes in yelling and screaming with tears running down his face “dads on fire, dads on fire” at first I was like c’mon Ben stop being a drama queen but as we looked out the window we saw 3 bonfires. I immediately grab him and held him in my arms telling him its ok, everything’s going to be okay, Dan’s going to be ok, as the teens all ran down to the fire. What are you suppose to tell a nine year old who just saw there dad catch fire? Nothing. Nothing you can say chance what he saw. I finally managed to calm him down but now what?

I’m feeling so numb like I know the reality of last night and I know what happen but why aren’t I feeling anything? What happens next? Why did it happen? Is my uncle Dan going to be ok?

No blog will make the justice of last night, no one will understand what my family went threw last night and is going to go threw the next couple months. There’s so much I want to say but I can bring myself to say it. I still don’t want to believe last night actually happened. I guess I’m still in denial.
I ask you to keep my uncle and family in your prayers, because at this point its just a waiting game.

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M. David said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time.