Monday, September 15, 2008

Events for the week

It’s the tired week of school and things are starting to move. For SCG`s cross country team, they have there first meet of the season on Wednesday September 17 in Port Hope at Trinity College. Some of our 12th grade students that are running, for the guys Gab A-L, Adrian M, Brad M, Nick D, Jonathan C and girls well the list is short it involves one person witch happens to be me. We wish them the best of luck. Also the fitness class is organizing a Terry Fox walk originally for Thursday September 18th, in honor of Terry Fox, but this walk got moved to next week Friday September 26th. There organizing this in goal to raise money for cancer, so bring in some money, every little bit helps. Alright that’s it for now, ill let you know how these two events go later. Later!

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ovechkin7 said...

If I can remember well, this is the first time that Saint-Charles Garnier has a full cross-country team for the senior guys. A lot of us didn't know what to expect from this run. Because it was the first time we were running against other people from various schools. We were just running against each other, between us 6. We ran through pain, up big hills, on uneven soil and through people pushing, but we never gave up. We pushed each other to the max and that will make the team stronger for the runs to come.