Thursday, December 4, 2008

Paris Hilton

Yesterday after school I was watching the finale to the show Paris Hilton my new BFF. Paris Hilton is known world wide and makes headline news almost daily from parties to hottest clubs to weekend getaways, and shopping sprees. She has her own CD, she has her own fashion line, and she’ll never need to work a day in her life.

She’s had many friends and faux-friends, now she is on MTV searching for her new BFF. There where 18 contestants going into this and only one will be Paris new BFF. Every week she tested there loyalty, friendship, also cheeks the background, talked to old friends, etc… As any other TV show there were a lot of surprises along the way. December second Paris Hilton finished her show, with her new BFF Brittney by her side. Brittney found out she was Paris best friend, by arriving at a masquerade party where Paris unmasked her new best friend and invited her in her life, there new life together.

When I first heard about this show I laughed so hard but every week I would watch it with my sister. It was just a matter of time before a show like this would come out, you have the bachelor and bachelorette, a shot a love, dating game shows, why not one to find your best friend. Personally I don’t think I would ever be able to go on a show like that for love or friendship or anything, I think some times in your life are only meant for you and your partner, or friends. I respect and feel bad for people that post there life on TV, it’s not I would want but that’s me.

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Primee133 said...

In all due respect, I think Paris Hilton's a raging spoiled whore and a half. Well, scratch that 'respect' part. But seriously, she is in fact one of the most hated celebrities out there, and for good reason. A contest to be your best friend? A bit too far in my opinion. It's childish, even, like telling a group of your friends that whoever acts the nicest for a week gets to come to your birthday party. It's really just.. ugh. And, knowing her, she'll get into fights with her new friend in about two weeks or so.