Saturday, October 4, 2008

When I Grow Up!

When you’re a kid you have all these dreams of what you’re going to do and be when you grow up. For example, living on your own, getting married, having your own family, your dream house, your dream job… when you’re a kid you’re free to dream. When I was a kid I thought life was a fairytale, I thought there would be no problems and worries and everything was going to be like in the movies I watched. But the reality is your dreams will only be reached if you put in the effort and work to get them. It doesn’t matter who you where when you were a kid, if you where rich or poor, abused or loved, you get what you deserve and sometimes we don’t like what we get. I remember when I was little, my friends and I use to draw what our house would look like, and I use to play pretend teacher with my sister and friends because when I was older I was going to be a teacher. We use to play house and be moms with baby dolls as our kids, because we wanted to be just like our moms. I’m not saying that isn’t possible now , but what I am saying is we have to work and fallow our dreams for them to be realities and no one should be allowed to tell us other wise.


M. David said...
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M. David said...

Good blog. Our lives are full of untapped potential. It's up to us to make the most of every minute we are around. Next time, be sure to spell check your work before posting so it is 100% error free.