Saturday, October 4, 2008

Money Money Money

If I won the lottery, I would first buy myself a car and a house. Then I think I would pay for college because we all know that’s going to cost a fortune. I’d also want to go travel see my family around the world, for thoughts who don’t know I have family in Mauritius, Reunion, Spain, Paris and Australia. I wouldn’t keep it all for me, I’d probably give my parents and sister some money for stuff they want and dreamed of doing but didn’t have the cash. I’d buy my boyfriend Josh his dirt bike because I know he misses it, or the car he wanted. I’d put some money aside for me in the future and give some to a charity for kids, sick kids, or the Ronald McDonald house. If ever this happened I wouldn’t let money control and take over my life. Money isn’t everything, it’s a good thing to have but when it comes down to it money doesn’t buy us happiness, being happy, doing something you love and being with people you love is enough for me.

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moviesRme007 said...

You have great plans lol. The world trip sounds fun. Wow, family in Australia. That would be a great place to visit. Personally, my charity would be cancer. You really thought about the subject, great blog!