Monday, October 13, 2008

The Three Musketeers

When I was a baby I grew up very closely with my two oldest friends Andreea and Evan. If you read my blog entitled October 12th, 2008 you’ve read that all 3 of us were born in the same year, just different months, I’m the oldest, Evans the middle man, and Andreea’s the baby of the group. When growing up I can’t remember a single memory without them, our parents were best friends, so as expected we became best friends and fast. Well it would have been just a fairy tale story to tell you but Andreea and Evan both moved away, Evan the farthest to British Colombia and Andreea not to far away in Kitchener. I would love to say we stayed best friends and close, but the truth is with distance we grew apart. With today’s technology Andreea and I still managed to stay good friends, but Evan on the other hand not so much, until recently, we’ve been texting quite a bit but its not the same as being in person. I miss my friends, you can never have new childhood friends or friends since birth, and they will always be mine and no matter what I’ll never forget them.

Friends will always be forever, and one day the three musketeers will meet up again!


moviesRme007 said...

That's cool! Maybe you should put them the post. I lost a lot of friends too, over the years. And the fact that you guys are all the same age is a good thing, you have more in common. Very interesting!

Phil said...

That sucks. Friends come and go but it's up to all of you if you want to let that go or not, and you guys obviously haven't so that's good! I like the spontaneousness of the blog, it's a good subject though. I love how this movie has a deeper meaning than just the movie. Keep it up Natalie, you give such clear details on your thoughts for these blogs!