Monday, November 10, 2008


It’s that time of year again, when your half way threw the semester. Teachers start getting pressure from the board, and the kids start getting antsy about there grades. Worrying about how they did, are they doing good, are they going to be okay, is there parents going to yell, are the sports and after school being jeopardize. To be honestly it’s a scary time of the semester now and exams. The grade twelve’s must be stressing out because believe it or not these are the grades that will determine if they can get into college or not, university or not, these are the grades our post secondary schools will be looking at, the pressures on. On note will determine if your doing good or not, if you get mid 70’s and 80’s your doing good, anything lower then a 50 your failing, 50’s to mid 70’s there is room for improvement and if you get higher then a 80 you’re a brain your doing good, at lease that’s my way at looking at it. I think mid 70’s and up is good for me that’s my goal and my objectives but foe someone else that could be totally different. I wont post a blog on my notes because that’s no ones business but mine but wishing everyone the best of luck 

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