Sunday, November 2, 2008

The death of a saleman

In my English class the other day, something I read in a book got me so mad! We are reading the book called Death of a salesman and the father Willy is suicidal and he’s basically a mess. He has two sons Happy and Biff there two losers, but they use to be popular in high school. And the wife Linda is head over heals in love with her husband Willy but Willy treats her like shit. Biff and Willy use to be close but the mother is blaming Biff for his father who is now gone crazy and suicidal. Linda told Biff it was up to him to help his dad go back to his old self. Now that I’ve put you into context I’m going to tell you how I fell about that statement by the mom. I personally think that what she said was wrong on so many levels. No matter how you put it, it’s not up to the son to fix the dad. The dad from the seems of it has more problems then what we could of imagined. Under any circumstances the mother shouldn’t have blamed the kid. He left to try and figure out his life, he loves being in the country and out of the farm. Maybe he still hasn’t figured out his whole life in his 20’s but no one knows what there going to do for the rest of there life at that age.


M. David said...

Great post but watch the language!

Natalie said...

sorry mr!