Monday, November 10, 2008


Can you stay awake all night? Have you ever pulled and all nighter? Well SCG sports association twice a year organizes an all nighter at school. It’s a fun night you spend at school with your friends playing in the gym, playing guitar hero and video games of game systems, the computer lab is open and the stage with the musical instruments. It was a pretty good success I have to say we had over 60 people come and I think for the most part everyone had fun. The upsetting part was Counter strict didn’t have time to be installed on the computers but that was unfortunately the computer techs fault. The association had bought the game and a second game two just our tech didn’t install it, instead he unblocked facebook, myspace, youtube and game site so we at lease had that. Over all a good night, but I have to say by 730 we were all pretty tired and some got sick. Can’t wait for the next reveilleton I’m organizing in February I believe. I have to thank all the volunteer and my comity who did a lot of hard work that night and who where dead tired all weekend, Thank you, I appreciate it.

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