Monday, November 3, 2008


High school cliques and cliques in general

I was watching another Cinderella story…dancing ever after again last night with a friend and there was this sentence in the movie that kind of struck me. It was something along the lines that teens tend to stick with there own cliques in high school. But what defines a clique? Why do we join a clique? Why do teens tend to stick to there clique? Why do high schools have so many different cliques?

I think a clique is defined by a group of people who share something in common, sports, religion, friends, hobbies, language and looks. Cliques can describe and define a person. At school a clique can be formed by a group of friends but not all groups of friends are cliques only the ones that purposely leaves someone out. Girl cliques are often times meaner and more hurtful toward other girls. I honestly think we tend to join a clique or stick to a certain clique so we don’t feel left out. No one wants to be a loner or an outcast so they join a clique to belong to something; it’s that feeling of belonging. High school can be considered like a shopping mall of different cliques, you have the jocks, the cheerleaders, the pretty girls, the musicians, the stoners, the nerds, the loners, the gamers etc… in most cases there is a clique for everyone. What I find interesting though is everywhere you go there are cliques, its not just high school, it’s stereotyped like that. On a last note though I got to say Garnier my high school is a cliqued school but the older we get we tend to let some cliques go and we are all just one. I’m a 12th grader but something all 12th graders have in common is the grade we are in, the school we go to, the languages we speak. We use to be separated in a lot of different cliques and still are, we have our own group of friends and that will never change, but we are all friends with one and other (for the most part some exceptions apply).

Cliques can be a topic that we can talk about and debate for a long time but what’s your take on high school cliques or just cliques in general?

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